I like things.  Everybody knows this by now. I especially like things initiated by women for the purpose of knowledge exchange in spaces that give access to people who might not have the opportunity to learn because of time or money or space.  Winter School is a six week school course organized by the Visual Arts Network of South Africa (VANSA), an organization that was set up in 2003 by visual arts practitioners to address issues related to visual arts in South Africa, including issues of transformation, support, information, research and funding for the industry.

Winter School provides a platform for collective thinking, sharing and challenging of ideas. This year’s theme is ‘the everyday’. The sessions are structured to encourage participants to investigate the impact of the ordinary on their work as cultural practitioners. Everyone is welcome,” it says on Vansa’s website, a statement that is almost too good to be true. There will be 6 different course instructors or lecturers, whose names are yet to be released publicly, but I have inside info and the list of people on the line up tickles my academic curiosity.  

The best part about this school is that it costs R100 for the entire course, which will be held at Beninese Restaurant in Jeppestown (if you ever saw the brilliant Jeppe on a Friday, it’s the restaurant owned by the couple from Benin, the dad who takes his kids to school before going to the restaurant everyday). I have registered for this most awesome initiative and encourage you to do the same before registration closes or the classes get to capacity. 

Winter School runs from 20 May – 24 June every Wednesday evening. Click here to register.

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  • Ayesha says:

    Having only passed thru Cape Town on way to Oz as $10 (pounds not dolarls) immigrant (actually, I came here for nicks as still a kid), can’t really comment except to say I’m sure any book you write would be fine by your readers (slurrrrp) but maybe not as healthy for you! Ali G – LOVED your comment. Always get a chuckle out of someone commenting on this blog!! Trev, you must be a bit of a two pot screamer seeing it was only one bottle between two of you.

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