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It’s back! It seems like the first one was just yesterday but that’s how quickly time has flown.  In our many discussions around the subject of hair, The Feminist Stokvel has come up with a list of relevant topics to include in these most exciting hair soirees. Among the most popular subjects was the dreaded HAIRLINE, which is such a problem for many women.  Whether it’s medical or self inflicted through braiding, bonding, plaiting too much, having those tight dread crowns (I don’t know what you call those styles) and not letting hair just be, a lot of us owe our hairlines an apology.  It’s a subject many women are ashamed to talk about because it’s pretty embarrassing. Remember that naomi pic of her at the beach and the disaster under the weave? Sadly it’s a very common problem for many women and children and there hasn’t been much public discourse around the stigmas of hairline loss or how to prevent it.  We’re providing that platform this weekend, a chance to come with your questions, suggestions and a chance to be in a warm supportive space to purge and learn. It’s a big subject and in the second installment of Hairlineology, we are going to invite a dermatologist.

People have been asking if we are going to live stream these events or have a way where people from other places can access the info and we are still working out whether we can and should and how we would do it. Our stokvel is growing organically and because there are so many of us, it’s a bit of a slow moving animal at this point and we’re cool with that.  We really appreciate the support we’ve received so far without really trying much, it just means this space was necessary.

For updates on everything we’re doing, check us out on social media @feministstokvel on Twitter and Instagram and The Feminist Stokvel on Facebook.

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