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Have I ever told you how awesome my friends are?

My friend Siphiwe Mpye and his company Random Window in association with The Quarphix Foundation have started an amazing new event on our Joburg calendars – Imbawula, Live Story Telling evenings where you are invited to attend an evening of people telling stories on stage.  We all have that one friend or family member whose stories are always illuminating and animated, someone with the ability to captivate an audience of one or many with the way they tell stories.  Well, that’s exactly what Imbawula is about, a formalization of the art of story telling, with a literacy initiative as its foundation.  How brilliant an idea it is!

The first one starts this Thursday 11 December at Bean Republic on Corlett Drive. There will be four story tellers including Anele Mdoda and….eish…..me!!!! Yes, me.  This is the first of what we hope will grow to pack Eddie’s coffee shop and make this something that spreads across the nation.  We are in Africa after all.  The significance of getting together around Imbawula to tell stories is very African and I love the modern permutation of this.

I’m going to be tweeting and Facebooking this all week and need all the help I can get to get people to know about it. Bean Republic is diagonally across from Melrose Arch, next to that centre with Nando’s etc on Corlett. See you there!

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  • rita says:

    Hi visiting Jozi in about two weeks. Any suggestions for where I can find the latest storytelling session dates? Thanks a ton! -Rita

  • Milli Bongela says:

    Hey Rita, the next one should be at the end of this month. I’ll let put it up if it’s this week.

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