A sweet Wednesday to all of you!  Last week I told you guys that for the next month, I’m working with the people from Cadbury’s Dairy Milk (the original dream aspirational slab of chocolate from my childhood) as they launch a new, smoother and judging by my mild kissing thigh situation (I joke, it’s almost that time of the month and hurricane Bloaty McSwellington is on her way), pretty addictive chocolate that they have introduced to the local market. Have you seen it? Have you tried it? What do you think? I have renounced my savoury tooth self and in the last week, been sleeping with chocolate under my pillows, with shame.  I came down with the flu today and have been working from bed.  My boyfriend, from henceforth referred to as Comrade Cuddler, brought me a bag of flu slayers this afternoon and how did your girl thank him? With a bar of Silk of course 🙂 breaking the target market rule. Why am I rambling? I’m supposed to be telling you all about this delicious ad featuring Celeste Ntuli or Two Step Madlamini not being listened to by her Silk munching friends! I just wish it was a little longer 🙂 Here’s to joyous, unapologetically girly moments!

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