If you haven’t come across these videos, I want to say ”you’re welcome” in advance. I discovered The Skin Deep  a year ago while meandering the streets of YouTube and I immediately subscribed. I think this was the very first video I watched because the purity of the love between this mother and daughter brought me to tears.  Since then, I’ve watched every video the New York based channel has produced.  These videos work because they take something that we all have experience in (relationships be it our parents, siblings, lovers or friends) and view them from a foundational level, asking very simple questions to help us understand how our relationships are doing in an overwhelmingly fast paced and confusing world.   Of course, after watching a few I took some of these questions and applied them to my relationship with my man and it was a very good exercise in remembering the basics. The one below is a close second.

Enjoy xxx




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  • jade abbott says:

    I also found this about a year ago and also took the questions and my boyfriend and I answered them each. It was a great exercise for us. So glad you’ve shared it 🙂

  • Mutaleni says:

    Thanks Milli! Really enjoyed and was touched by the first video and then watched it with my husband and daughters. Precious.

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