I discovered the online gem that is KEXP at the beginning of last year. It’s one of my YouTube subscription channels that always introduces me to new musicians and gives me a chance to see the ones I love in an intimate and stripped off setting.  When I saw Stromae, my ultimate ultimate ultimate on here recently, I had a melt-up, the opposite of a meltdown. I love listening to him speak because the amazing talent behind the music makes a very easy transition into the nice guy he actually is (I don’t care that we’ve never met), you can tell he’s authentic in how he answers questions and the way he always relates to interviews.  Is it obvious that I have the biggest crush on him? Too bad he’s not coming to South Africa during his African Tour this year.  I can’t deal with the fact that he is going to be in 9 African countries (the Francophones) and not here. Actually, how far is Congo from here?

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