I don’t want to say too much about these wonderful short films. I’m a little jealous actually that my time is taken up by work and work and work becaause I really want to make short films like this one day.  In fact, I have a webseries that I’ve written and have been sitting on for 3 years.  I read it again last night after watching these and thought, damn Mili, this is still relevant. Universe please send me a producer. This is our time.

Okay so Issa Rae productions has this thing called Short Film Sundays where on the last Sunday of every month, they release a new short film by a young filmmaker.  Oh man, I live for these, especially ones that focus on teenage or children’s lives.  So far, these are my favourites.  I hope you’re inspired.

If you’re a producer or filmmaker and are interested to hear more about my script, holla at me.  I need help bringing it to life.


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