Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Living Head First with Mat and Mili (that’s Mathahle and Milisuthando) for those of you who don’t know us!  It’s our likkle webseries that we’ve partnered with Head and Shoulders to produce!  A few months ago, they came to me to say they are launching a new shampoo range for African hair.  At first I was a little skeps because I’m weary of the ways of capitalism, which doesn’t really care what your politics are, it just wants to know are they profitable? By this I mean I’ve seen some hair brands that are responsible for giving us scabs and alopecia, suddenly produce ranges for natural hair etc.  Look, I get it.  This is how the world works. But it makes it hard for me to trust what is even in these products and how oh noooow you wanna make ranges for natural hair after all these years of making sure we can’t stand it? I get emotional.

So anyway, Head & Shoulders comes to me, it’s a black woman and I’m already relieved, telling me about this new range that they’ve spent 8 years researching and developing and now it’s finally ready to come out.  They would like to partner with me for the next year in marketing the range and getting people on it. Instead of doing the normal blog, Instagram and Facebook posts about it, I decide to give them another idea = how about you sponsor a webseries that my friend Mathahle Stofile and I have been dreaming about for years but had no resources to produce?  The woman’s eyes tingle, many notes are taken, our coffees get cold because we can’t stop talking and it’s an emphatic YASSSSSSS!  And after a couple of months of putting it together with a wonderful all woman teach from Brainbow Productions, this is the product, a collaborative effort between Mathahle, myself and Head and Shoulders.  I hope you like it.

The range is just delicious by the way.  The packaging is nice (I’m a packaging hoare), the product smells amazing (not like the stuff that’s usually reserved for our hair which is always either something so chemically overwhelming and smells like cleaning products or something that smells like a eucalyptus candle mixed with vicks and umhlaba owomileyo or something) and it actually works.  So in the range, they have a shampoo, conditioner, a hair mask or two and a magic fit-in-your-hand-bag anti scratch spray that is specifically made for when you have a weave, braids or plaits and you can’t reach your scalp to scratch or ”patpat” when the itch comes a-knocking! It’s all minty and fresh and has a sharp nozzle for hard to reach places.  What I love about this range is that it’s for all hair whether it’s relaxed, bald, natural, plaited, braided, weave or wig.  It’s about the health of the scalp.

Let me not keep you tooooo long.  Mat and I’s series is 10 episodes that will be rolled out between now and May next year once a week.  It’s just us being us with cameras listening in on the conversations we usually have.  Later on in the season, we start to have cool guests who share their hair journeys with us and we are already talking season 2!  Tell me what you think of this and what kind of content you’d like to see covered!

Yours in healthy hair!
Miss Milli

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  • Rejoice says:

    I love these I’m currently busy with a similar concept Black Girls hair, I Like how Mathahle said, “Black Hair is not a problem to be solved.” Why does our hair have to be a problem when it isn’t and it shouldn’t. Beautiful guys

    PS: *By the way I love Milisuthando, I look up to you keep doing what you doing cause you do it well

  • Nozuko Poni says:

    Loooove it! Can’t wait for the next episode 🙂

  • Zanele says:

    Like the topic speaks volume to my current situation, my boy and i fight when its haircut days! Like up to a point he says “mom didnt you tell me to be proud of who i am, mom im being proud right now. This is now so in my face, coz i tell him all the time to be proud! He loves his hair and doesnt want to shave it off. Im letting him now.

  • Thuba says:

    More! Akwande! This is great, Mili!

  • Portia Monama says:

    …lol…so the funny thing is that just yesterday I had an emotional breakdown because of the issues I have with my hair in terms of what it means to me and what society has defined it to be. Now trust me when I say I slay that short hair steeze, from the Abashante fine brush cut to the fades and the many colours that I have tried. My confidence is on another level with short hair because I don’t feel as though I am competing for some sort of beauty title, I just feel beautiful qha! without the need of any validation from anyone except my dad of course . From a young age, he would tell me how beautiful I looked with short hair (but I think this could have also been a cost saving strategy for him so I wouldn’t ask for the fancy hairstyles the other kids were rocking). My dad carved this belief in me so deeply that it carried me through the strange looks and comments when everyone was weaving hard. Currently I’m growing my hair as a challenge from my partner and as much as I’m keen to see how far I can go, it’s the most excruciating process for me from a self-esteem perspective. The task of finding the right people to handle your hair gently and going from spending between R40 and R80 a month on hair to now spending R400 up to a grand a month (because maintaining black hair in its natural form can be both a physically and financially painful experience). The indoctrination of knowing how to take care of the hair and which products are right and the scary reality of the self-inflicted alopecia and how a lot of people, including the professionals we go to at these salons, are not able to address properly. All of this brought me to tears…the politics of hair man, Iyanla fix my life asemblief tu!…
    Thanks Mili

  • Zimasa says:

    This is awesome! I cant wait for the next one! You always do phenomenally in everything you do Milli !
    PS – Do Mat’s earrings not hurt? She looks awesome though – that outfit!

  • Love this series – watched all episodes. So insightful & you both look gorgeous. I’m also worried about Mathahle’s earring(s) & that it can cause some serious injury… Keep doing the awesome work guys. Love you both.

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