As a non-television consuming person (fucking hipster), I haven’t had the pleasure of catching these ads on Television. I get exblockquoted when I see them before watching a video on Youtube, as if I have anything to do with them.  But as previously stated, I’m helping the Amstel Lite makers spread the word about the new Lite beer which was launched in August. Have you had it? I’ve been drinking it when I’m out.  The only reason I declined their offer to give me cases upon cases, was because I would be permanently drunk if I had a beer bar at my house.

Anyway, so let’s talk about this advert. Like the previous ads, the Drummer and the Barber – the bottle helps the main dude make his play or take a chance to get what he wants, a sort of winning gamble if you may.  The ads are well conceptualized, well-directed and well-executed.  While I like all three ads as creative products, I must say that as a girl, I feel totally excluded from the culture of beer drinking.  All three ads speak to cool men and we women are left out! When I asked the agency people that they said it’s because research indicates that beer drinking is still a relatively male activity in South Africa.  I don’t have the research capacity to disprove them so I guess they are right to some degree but I know PLENTY of beer drinking women.  And they look nothing like Monster Charlize Theron. Even if they did, it would be fine. My girl friends and I have been drinking beer since varsity and since 2012, fell seriously hard into the craft beer trap, a trap some of us broke out of around the same time we stopped drinking things out of mason jars and resumed to using mason jars for coins and the random brick a brack they were invented for.  I think the assumption that girls don’t drink beer comes from years of beer advertising where it’s about men and men getting together watching sport and drinking beer. It’s never been sexy and it’s never stepped out of the realms defined by what men and women are ”traditionally” supposed to do. It’s 2014 for goodness sake – gender roles are rightfully under threat! Granted in South Africa, where detergent ads are still the hallmark of female domesticity, this might take a while.  But we are also the country with a lot of female representation in places like parliament and the media. If we can legislate Homo’s getting hitched before any of the ”super powers” like we did in the 90s, there is hope for the shifting of gender roles or the dissolving of them entirely if I had my way.

A lot of women drink beer because it’s delicious.  That may not be represented in the media but from pubs to restaurants, the face of beer is not only that boep-wielding macho freak that we’ve been presented by the media. But it doesn’t help my case that when Pearl Modiadie and Fix Moeti a few months ago tweeted about drinking beer, they got twitter backlash because apparently girls don’t drink beer! No man people! Stop it. Have you been to an Eastern Cape beach or a mgidi ever? Or that Greenside strip or both Neighbourgoods Markets?



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  • Simnikiwe says:

    Amen. Icawe iphumile. Isahluko sikwi case yesithathu, ibhotile yesibini. Amstel!

  • Naledi says:

    I’ve been drinking beer since my varsity years and I smoke too. I once heard two men conversing and saying that only prostitutes smoke in public, which I feel is another prejudice about the habits society is accustomed to women having. I love black label and can safely taste the difference in each of the main brands. When I do this as a joke, my male friends call me an alcoholic. There’s a culture of shaming and prejudice against women for their preferences and it SUCKS. Thank you for this post. I hope it serves as an eye opener to the men of our society.

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