Not having a television can really be a bummer sometimes.  I’m late on the game with this ad. What a pleasure it was to sit with my friends on Sunday night, a critical bunch who don’t easily get impressed by anything when this advert suddenly comes up.  We quietened down and turned the volume up and were transfixed for it entirety.  It’s bloody brilliant.  Everything about it is I guess what advertising was meant to do, to inspire and to hold your attention so that you can perceive that product differently.  Too bad that the bread is GMO bread dough! This is why advertising is so bad.  It makes you forget that this product is in fact not good for you, probably not ethically created and is part of the larger problem of how capitalism is destroying not only the planet, but communities’ ability to self-subsist.  It lures you in with emotion and then you then associate that product with that emotion.  As Russell Brand once said, ”if they have to advertise it, you don’t need it”.  But when they do it well, it’s bloody hard!

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  • Nomali says:

    UGH this ad is such a problem. These kids are so cute but also they’re dancing about bread… You’re right, that how these ad people get you. I’m just so tired of how crap the industry is.

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