I don’t know why I keep posting throwbacks. Ok I’m lying. I do know why. It’s because unlike my best friend Nana, my taste in music would result in our deaths if our lives ever depended on it.  I don’t know or come across new music because I just play old music or listen to podcasts of talk radio when I should be downloading the latest music. Anyway, last week I took out an old rack of CD’s that I have not listened to since 2004.  I put a mix in and was reminded of the time I loved this song so much, it felt like it was me that had lost her mother and Zolani Mahola was singing on my behalf.  This is possibly one of the most beautiful songs I have ever listened to, a touching steulogy (story + eulogy) about Zolani’s mother’s and I have been playing it over and over to make up for forgetting that it existed.  I am also majorly outing the fact that I was once a Freshlyground fan. Enjoy!

Image: Art and Culture Maven

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