The best thing that could possibly happen to me, to anyone really, happened to me on Tuesday.

I’ve been a bit down in the dumps lately.  My work contracts that I’ve had for the past couple of years are no longer, I’ve recently become single, my phone gave in after 3 good years of service so I’ve been out of contact with people and have generally been going through a period of loss. While the process of letting go is like drinking epsom salts all day everyday, at the end of the day, the universe is removing from my life the things I no longer need, at least in the form that I had become used to them. For me it usually means something better is coming along, something more fulfilling but let that not downplay the levels of grip I tend to have on things I am used to, which makes for a very hard process of letting go.  I’ve been going through that, at home, alone, a lot.  This past weekend, I think I hit rock bottom when I had the torturous ”what the fuck am I doing with my life” meltdown where all self deprecating pejoratives come together for a little play-date in your head. On Sunday, I purposefully missed calls, cancelled dates and sat in bed eating chips, crying and watching Spike Lee joints all day.

I love Spike Lee.  I haven’t seen all 20 of his movies but I’ve seen a good 12 and I savour the moments when I watch a new one because it is usually life changing afterwards. So I watched 3 films on Sunday and some Youtube interviews with him and after this marathon, I felt like I had been baptized.  I was totally inspired.  I pulled out old scripts that I started writing a year ago, downloaded some books, read article upon article on different things, made notes, read some more, made notes, read some more until I tired myself out way beyond midnight.

On Monday I woke up feeling good, went about my day and continued on my Mars Blackmon high! Tuesday morning, I get an email from an agency that is hosting the Digital Edge Live on 9 September at Sandton Convention Centre.  This year’s theme is ”Making Stories”.  They want to know if I would like to be a speaker at this year’s conference where Spike Motherfucking Lee is the guest of honor and main speaker!!!!!

Obviously I’m dead and this is being typed by my ghost.

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  • Bronwyn Jacobs says:

    simply awesome, like many of your admirers I enjoy your comments and remarks your articles and your posts and the sight of you (which is sadly becoming less and less) all the same … A note of love and support for your kick ass attitude … I think you are where it’s at and your moment of fatigue is just that … A moment!
    27 years in a cell is all you must allow to remind you that you are stronger than you know!

    Now get out there and handle your business!

  • Nomsa Mazwai says:

    Well done Milli!!!

  • Lisa says:

    Oh my actual god!
    I need your direct line to the universe!
    That is AMAZING!!! So happy for you

  • Rejoice Kunene says:

    The universe works in mysterious ways

  • francesqua darling says:

    what you are seeking is seeking you

  • OH M GEEEE That is like out of this universe weird!! Great News Milli. I need the universe to work in my favour nam. I am so inspired WOW. Goodluck, you’ll do great.

  • Honey says:

    This is just the best! The absolute best ever, the releasing in order to receive and the sitting with the feelings no matter how mucky they may be and just coming back to yourself only to find the universe waiting there to meet you! It is awesome, thank you for sharing.

  • zethu says:


  • Bahleza says:

    To paraphrase Rainer Rilke, …believe in a love that is being stored up for you like an inheritance. Congrats. I know you will do best.

  • ngazibini booi says:


  • Lerato says:

    Hello hot ghost! 🙂

  • Kudi says:

    Big congrats 🙂 But if you are to ever have a down moment again remember how much of an inspiration you are to us all. You go out there and you slay. So even when you think it’s not all good, your work and presence still trancends your current state and influences others positively. That in itself is abundance from the universe because your existence is selfless.

  • Milli Bongela says:

    Thank you Kudi, your words make me stop and stand still in acknowledgement of the good stuff that comes out of those situations.

  • Thuli says:

    The Universe truly rises up to meet you when you let go of things holding you down. But I believe that you have to go through the bad/ teary/phase, process your loss in order to truly let it go.
    I love your Blog Milli.

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