Some of you may know her the sharp tweeting, perception shifting Digital Gogo.  You might have read her brilliantly written personal blog where she shares her experiences as a wife and mother of two children under the age of three. You might have come across her YouTube Page, City Press columns or seen her on TV or you might have had a personal consultation with her when she was still doing face to face consultations.  I know her as my landlady, a powerful spirit that has been in the presence of my spirit realm for a number of years and the first Sangoma I ever had a consultation with as an adult. That was in 2011 when she used to do consultations from her old apartment at Maboneng’s Main Street Life. Today she does online and telephone consultations, but she’s booked for months.

Nokulinda Mkhize, better known as Noksangoma is a Sangoma, a spiritual medium with the gift of communicating with Amadlozi, our ancestors or ”ansisters” as she likes to call them – someone with a deep understanding of the spirit world and how members of the other side interact with and manifest in all aspects of our lives.  I grew up in a home where we practiced ancestry worship, where we honored The Silent People so I’ve always known that I’m not walking this life alone.  It’s good to know that there are people who have the gift of being able to relay messages from the other side, spirits that we can work with to interpret things that happen in our lives related to love, sex, money, work and other relationships as you’ll see in Noks’ videos.

I’m sharing this and her other videos because I believe her work is important and speaks to a need to connect with greater forces, a need to understand that our bodies are muuuuch more intelligent than we’ve been led to believe, that our minds are powerful machines that we struggle to operate and that there are other ways to be living our best lives than we are currently not exposed to.  This is an intro video, I’ll be posting two videos that she uploaded onto YouTube in another post.  And tell your people. Yes she sees people of all races 🙂

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  • Mel says:

    Thank you for posting this. I missed it previously. Can’t wait for the next one.

  • Keitumetse,(Nokuphila) says:

    I,ve learnt a lot 2day and I got clarity why I ‘ve not done well in this first year of studying B Ed(Hon) in Educstional Mangement I ‘ve suspecting that my ancestors (ba boulela),they get a little jealous,turned a blind eye on it ,until 2dai after not being that sure after writing Law,then 4 the first time it just happened that I went online then typed info about sangomas,2dai I lost my spiritual sister who comes after me I got the message when l was jst about finish my revision and leave 4 writing it just went blank,when I was writing it rained like hell. I knew what it meant no one understood as it was directed 2 me.

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