The more I watch Noksangoma’s videos, the more I realize that this is probably a scary world and a big leap for people who want to be connected to their ancestors but have never been taught, or have been taught to fear this whole thing.  When I watched this video, I realized that one has to have a basic understanding of Izinyanya or Amadlozi and the role they play in our lives because some of it can seem arbitrary and confusing if you don’t know. I would suggest watching the other videos I posted before because they helped me get a better sense of whagwan with these guys and I was able to direct energy that I usually just throw out there in the ether of the spirit realm, to particular areas.

I’ve always had a candle and mpepho ritual (my apartment smells like impepho and my man just had to learn to deal) that I used to practice randomly and when something was wrong or when I was feeling out of kilter or when I wanted something. But the older I become (I’ll be 31 in April) and the more important spirituality becomes in my life, I’m growing to realize that it’s better as a daily practice than when things are fucky or if I’m in a grateful mood.  So this year, I started a daily meditation ritual that does involve acknowledging these guys, talking to them sometimes but mostly, just trying to centre my mind and keep the distance between it and the virtues that I want in my life – love, patience, clarity, more patience and wisdom — short.  It doesn’t always happen at the same time because life gets in the way but I find that if I have not taken that time for myself in two or three days, I start to wilt because the mind is like a plant that needs constant watering.  I find that a ritual gives the whole thing extra weight, it makes me feel like I’m participating in something even though I’m alone and it makes me accountable to my higher self.

Sometimes I can’t concentrate and I just wanna get off that pillow and answer emails or make a sandwich and then I feel guilty that my concentration is wack and then it’s downhill from there.  I think that’s normal given the scrambliness of our brains and the number of things it stores and the fact that we live in real life but also have full blown virtual lives with profiles to update and networks to entertain. What I learned from the Buddhists was that karma recognizes that you are making an effort and so that effort is not wasted. Your responsibility is to return to try again each time until you do find your groove.


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