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Sisters! This is for me, you and everyone we know! I’m all for inviting all black people, no matter what hair they wear to come and listen, share, learn and purge from the mental disease that so many of us have of casually referring to our hair using the k-word. It’s in our families, friendship groups, work spaces, salons, it’s a dust in the air of our sanity that won’t settle! This is topic that is very important to members of The Feminist Stokvel, a conversation we have had amongst ourselves and one we would like to have with you. This will be filmed!  All the info is on the poster. Search for Feminist Stokvel Hair Soiree on Quicket and you’ll see it.  R150 gets you in, fed and supplied with juices and wine and most importantly, a customized tour of the women’s gaol section of Constitution Hill.  It will be so amazing to have this conversation in this particular space.

Here’s a statement from The Feminist Stokvel

”For our third Hair Soiree, The Feminist Stokvel ventures into the dangerous terrain of Texture Discrimination where we unpack how whiteness impacts on the way we see, name and treat ourselves, our natural hair and each other. It divides women in the natural community, and holds up a particular kind of curly hair as the holy grail. Join us for session of story sharing, debate and informative black girl healing. On the 27th of June, we will officially be saying a giant ‘Bye Felicia’ to the term ‘k*ffir hare’ and other such nonsense, and championing all forms of textured black girl slayage. Don’t miss out”.

See you on Saturday, bring a blanket, a friend and maybe some tissues.



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