After almost passing out from nerves, I must report that last week’s inaugural Imbawula: An evening of live story telling, was nothing short of perfect. The venue, bra Eddie’s Bean Republica coffee shop on Corlett Drive owned and run by the man that used to work at Illovo’s popular Wolves Cafe, was the basement of the venue, making for a warm, brick walled enclosure that was packed to capacity last Thursday. Our friends and fans came through hard and enjoyed the very different but equally compelling tales of the first Imbawula story tellers.  I can’t stand the sound of my own voice and so I have not (and will never) listened to my story on this link, but you can click here and listen to all the stories from the evening.  You won’t be sorry! Also, the musical entertainment for that evening was a young lady whom I hope to be seeing more and more of next year because TALENT! Introducing Melo B Jones! Look out for Imbawula sessions every month in 2015 and visit Random Window for more info about next year’s scheduling and Quarphix Foundation’s website about how you can learn more about the literacy mandate behind this wonderful initiative. Please pass this info on to your circles and we really hope to see you at the next one.

God I’m so looking forward to 2015 I could explode.

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