The Gentlewoman has always been my favourite magazine.  It is the pinnacle of good writing, amazing design, sensational photography, delightful styling and just the right amount of not trying at all to be anything but itself.  I haven’t read a copy in a while because I haven’t come across one and I think my revolutionary sensibilities got in the way of reading for leisure.  My only concern and I think the thing that bored me about the last time I read an issue, was that the content lacked diversity in its foundation, in other words it was too white.  But I have to admit that this was a shortcoming that was always redeemed by the integrity inherent in the treatment and delivery of that content. As a journalist, I respect the work that team puts out.  I hope there has been some progress.   The second I saw this cover in my inbox, I started to re-evaluate my eyes, my priorities and my entire life.

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