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This poster speaks for itself. This time around, we’re trying a different route because self care!  It’s not easy to administrate 8 constantly slaying schedules of the real live super women that are The Feminist Stokvel, so we decided, for admin sake and because we have the use of the amazing space at King Kong, let’s do our events in one weekend!

On Wednesday 2 September, our Panashe, Pontsho and Danielle will be chairing a panel discussion on Radical Self Care, what it is, why you should care about it and why especially black women are bad at it.  I learned the term earlier this year and have been practicing active self care because the stresses of modern life that we get from: work, children, partners, friends, family, the internet, the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy are real and sometimes the distance between your edges and your sanity is short, have a cup of self care chile, we got ya.

On Friday 4 September, we’re screening Spike Lee’s unforgettable She’s Gotta Have It, a saucy film about a black woman and her sex and love life circa 1986.   Nova and I will then dive into a conversation with the audience about black femininity, the black female body and her relationship to nyobsing!

On Saturday 19 September, we’re inviting everybody that is raising a black child (white people raising black children are especially welcome) who wants some practical tips on looking after them baby hairs from washing to styling or any parent / sibling / nanny who has anxieties about black children’s hair because mornings, because untransformed school codes that ”other” the hair of black children, basically anybody who has restraint or would like to ditch the creamy crack that is relaxers but is not yet there in terms of nurturing a loving relationship between the child and her or his hair. Come through, our resident experts, Kavuli, Wisaal and Lebo will carefully drive this conversation to its myriad destinations. The hair of black children is problematized from when we are young, we are trying to stop that.  Bring them babies, they will have a play section especially dedicated to them, and…and…we are writing some kid friendly shabooya role calls that are about positive hair image that the kids will be learning that day! Yaaay! Just tell us how old your kid is if you’re RSVPing and are planning to get a ticket for them.

You don’t wanna miss this, you don’t want to be watching this from twitter or Instagram.  It’s pretty easy to book a seat at all of our events, simply email and invite as many people as you can! Soiree tickets are available on Quicket.

Thanks to those who continue to support us and of course, Keleketla Library for their collaborative spirit in helping us host our events at their space at King Kong.

Our poster was designed by Rendani Nemakhavani


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