Before you continue to read, please do me one favour.  Take a pen, go to your diary/calendar, and put a giant X on the evening of the 7th of October, then put on a doek or a cap or something to protect your edges because on that day, we plan to snatch them!

Because I deal with them on a daily basis through text, email or seeing them when we do our events, I make the mistake of taking for granted just how fabulous the women of The Feminist Stokvel are.  The other day we all heard that Warsan Shire is coming to South Africa and of course had a conjoined meltdown of joy.  Someone said, ”Imagine if we could host her for a conversation” and the poetry and literary Gods must have been listening because a week later, Aus Lebo Mashile came back to us with the news that Word N Sound, who are bringing the world renowned British Somali poet, writer and teacher to South Africa, would like to have an evening where The Feminist Stokvel hosts Warsan Shire.

So gird your loins people and save the date Wednesday 7 October where you are invited to join Word N Sound in association with The Feminist Stokvel for an evening of women, words and the power that binds them.  Join our patron saints of poetry Lebo Mashile and Nova Masango as well as FS Member Pontsho Pilane who will be in conversation Ms Shire at Keleketla Library‘s new space at King Kong.  There will also be young performances by our poets and the musician in our group, Danni Bowler.  We promise it’s going to be fun.  More details about ticket prices and other details to follow. You don’t need to RSVP. Just come along and bring your people.

King Kong is at 6 Verwey Street, Doornfontein. Email for any queries. The space is wheelchair friendly!

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