2015 has quite literally, been insane.

I am writing this blog post from a warm and very cozy 200 year old house in minus 7 degrees celsius Boston, Massachusetts.  I meant to write this post two weeks ago, to tell you all that I’m going away for an exciting little trip to the US to chair a plenary session or panel discussion about the luxury goods market in Africa.  Late last year I was invited by The Harvard Business School to come and chair a panel in conversation with designers like Aurura James of Brother Vellies and Yodit Eklund from Bantu Wax, two designers I have blogged about in the past.  The time has come, I’m here this weekend for the Africa Business Conference that will see the meeting of over 1500 African entrepreneurs, government officials and corporates come together to network and discuss matters that affect the growth of our continent.  I am beyond honored that they even know me.  So I’m here doing big girl things and really really exblockquoted about how the weekend will unfold. I don’t know a single soul in Boston but I’m here and slayage and shade throwing will commence as soon as I leave this bed.  We are 7 hours behind Joburg and after a 36 hour commute to get here, my body is all kinds of confused.  I am putting together the finishing touches to the panel prep and I hope it will be recorded so I can share it on the blog when I’m back.

Next week I’m in New York for about 10 days doing research for the hair documentary, whose working title is The Hair That Grew Up. I am staying with her and truly am thanking the gods of manifestation for how everything is working out regarding this documentary, which is going to take much longer than anticipated.  I will be writing posts whenever I can about this whole trip but also look out for updates on my Instagram which has been quiet for a the 5 weeks  I was prepping for this trip, getting hijacked, recovering from being hijacked and falling madly in love.

Oh man, so much has happened.  Look out for this coming weekend’s City Press for my column in which I write a little about how I got hi-jacked on the 15th of February and how that led to the falling in love part.  I thank my ancestors for my life and the many blessings in the wake of this new year.  The new boyfriend (who is really lovely and agrees that we have been reunited after 30 years of cosmic separation) will make a debut on here soon 🙂

Have a good weekend, I know it’s late Friday afternoon over there so some of you might miss this.

Love Miss Milli

ps that little yellow house is where I’m staying. It’s so damn nice it all feels a little too fictitious.


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  • Thato says:

    very nice Milli, all the best……i like you blog….a.lot 🙂

  • Nomali says:

    WORK, ghel. I’m so happy for you and the wonderful things happening in your life (save for the hijacking :(). As The King, Bujy Bikwa would say, “serve, slay, give oxygen, give life”.

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