I’m back home after quite a long and cosmically trippy trip in three cities in the US. I’m exhausted and trying to navigate my way back into my life.  The cops found my car and I’m going to get it cleared today (hallelujah).  All I can think about is Feminist Stokvel’s hair soiree tomorrow. There is hardly any time to blog but trust me, you’ll hear all about it on Friday morning. If you want your name on the list for the next one, please email feministstokvel@gmail.com – follow the thread of news regarding that on twitter @feministstokvel

Sorry for the short post.

pic by the lovely Kathleen Bomani in her kitchen in Philedelphia

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  • Glad to have you back and thank God the po-po found your car. I’m sure the ‘boyfriend’ missed you 🙂 You guys should organise another hair soiree event apha ekapa, would love to be a part of it. Stay blessed.

  • Nomali says:

    Welcome back, wethu! I hope the soiree was a blast (lol I’m about to find out in the dedicated post above). That’s such good news about your car being found.


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