Every now and then I forget the things I know, these are them:


The universe is always listening to what we want. Ours is to pay attention to life itself. God is in everything everywhere all the time winking and waving. Ours is to be curious to those perennial winks. Write down your things. Write them down and trust that they’ve already happened. Distractions are our biggest distraction. Identity what yours are and prepare to hurt as you stand up to them. They’ll fight back. They are your ego. Practice until you detach. Practice hurts. Time is your friend. Silence is your friend. Solitude is your friend. Candles are your friend. Your tongue is your friend. Talk to your guides and tell them who you are. We aren’t here to profess what we are but who we are. There are no answers, just constant expansion, a constant flow of deep time. Your soul remembers everything you want, it’s your fingers and your legs and your arms and your titles which forget. Energy carries so many answers, so many clues. Pay attention to it, to what your soul responds to. Write those down. You will need them as confirmation when the yesses start sounding. Contemplation is the best kind of tool we have at our disposal. Your things, when they are ready to manifest, will wake you up from all kinds of slumbers. But sleeping is nice, or so we think. The status quo no matter how terrible, is the thing we would rather fight to keep because we are afraid of being uncertain. Go boldly towards your fears, they are your leg up to the other dimensions of this compelling journey.


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  • Bilha (Hamburg, Germany) says:

    I missed reading you so much. But here you are. Precise, clear and unpretentious. Lovely.
    I’ll keep up with you.

  • Terence Hlongwane says:

    Listen. Listen. One of the things I need to write is meeting you. I need to meet to you. I will. Everything you say speaks to me EVERY single thing. Sigh. Sigh.

  • Kamogelo Mohuba says:

    I also need to meet you 🙁
    There is just something about you.

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