This is the team behind a brand new men’s online magazine / website called Noted Man which launched in Johannesburg on 1 December 2015.  Noted Man is a men’s mag with that is thank goodness, plugged out of The Patriarchy.  The approach to story telling down to the imagery regarding modern manhood if there is such a thing, is intersectional without looking for a noddy badge for it.  I feel like this is just the kind of platform needed to invite South African men to evolve into something better than we have seen represented in the traditional men’s magazines such as Men’s Health and GQ, which catered to a very basic definition of ”man”.  This has the integrity of Fantastic Man, the burning relevance of Y-Mag circa 2000, the self knowledge of  Port and the exblockquotement of youth injected into it. I haven’t read all the articles yet but look forward to sinking into it during meals this week.  I’ll do a proper review once I have done this.

Noted Man is edited by Siphiwe Mpye, former editor of Y-Magazine and  Bl!nk Magazine and former associate editor of GQ Magazine. There will be daily updates on the site and about 3 new stories and a video each week.

Here’s to note men!


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