Just in case you need a reminder of what sexy was and will always be! I’ve been overloading on the D’Angelo since Black Messiah dropped and caused commotion on my musical playlists because it is the only thing that is played these days. Sigh. D’Angelo. I must say I was late on this train. I was too busy listening to Hanson and Alanis Morisette when I should have been getting an education on this and Lauryn Hill. But to be fair to myself, I was 15 when this song came out and it was way too raunchy to watch until the end with your family in the room.  But I caught up in varsity and last night just sat watching it during work breaks, appreciating the fact that God made D’Angelo.  Nothing has not been said about Black Messiah. I’m obsessed. It took a couple of listens to find my favourites but I can’t do it. I like every song from beginning to end and around and around.  It was well worth the wait.  But this was the original tune that had me got!

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