Last week I attended the album launch of the blue wonder of Joburg, Moonchild Sanelly whom I first met in 2013 at MeMeMe because she was wearing a pair of pink sneakers with giant dog ears on them.  Since then, I’ve spotted the blue haired pop star around Joburg, seen her perform a few times and like many people,  I’ve been waiting for her to release a full album.  My guy likes her too so we went together and as we arrived, we were greeted by Siya from The Brother Moves On, another sensational Joburg band.  Siya was standing on the stairs to get a better view of the stage because the venue was full. Tshepang from the original coolest band in Joburg, the Blk Jks is Moonchild’s mad talented producer and I think beat maker so you can imagine the bumping of talents on that stage.


We were not ready.  We were never ready.  The first thing I saw through someone’s cellphone screen that was recording the stage action, was Nakhane Toure getting a lap dance from two girls, one of whom is named Titanic, a strange name for a tiny minxy sex kitten who was a very naughty addition to the already cheeky Moonchild.  Between Titanic, a bona fide porn star as I was informed by someone, and Moonchild’s bubblegum sex bird vibe, that stage was a meeting of flames, fun and an escape that we all needed considering what is currently happening in South Africa.  Moonchild performed about 6 or 7 songs from the album, including my favourites Rabubi, Go Sterring and Dance Like a Girl and was really present during her performances, one of which was with that distinct Xhosa sensation, Busiswa who sang one of my favourite songs of 2013.


I like this girl and like that her music is serious but doesn’t take itself seriously.  I didn’t have cash on the day but I do have an iTunes account to buy the CD from.  It’s called Rhabulapha (so damn cool), a Xhosa term meaning ”sip here”.  I wish her well.



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  • Bongi Ndlovu says:

    I know her personally way back when and am so proud that she has finally made it in JOZI. Always a trend-setter and wish her the best, all the way!

  • yolanda says:

    She’s truly amazing. She has a heart of gold and is an amazing designer too. Love you to the moon*

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