Who is this person and how does she not have a reality show or a tour bus to take her truthisms on tour? My sister sent me this video and I watched it 3 times laughing as if my life depended on it.  As much as it’s funny, she is speaking of something quite serious when it comes to the needs of our compatriots. If you don’t understand Zulu, (this is a good time to learn) I’m sorry, it’s not really translatable but basically this woman is complaining about having to do her kids’ homework.  She’s got 5 kids and each of them require an hour’s worth of parental supervision and she doesn’t have that 5 hours at the end of the day. It’s the teacher’s job to do school work.  The teacher wouldn’t like it if she sent the kids to school with dirty dishes and washing, that’s her job.  Also, she was educated with Bantu education so how the hell is she supposed to know who Romeo and Juliet or Cinderella are? Lol! If you know who she is, please share.

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  • Lerato Maloka says:

    DEAD!!! “Khona uthisha ozoshayeka!!”
    I have literally stopped breathing.

    On a serious note: I detest homework. Going home to do homework with my daughter is the bane of my evenings. Plus Maths kills me…she ends up coaching me on how to help her with the sums.
    Hai khona, vele ngeke. Teachers must do their jobs.

    If her teacher understood English, I’d show her this video.

  • Zethu says:


  • Zuki says:

    LOL! I found her on facebook, her name is Thenjiwe. Just Thenjiwe. She has a page and many more funny video and she also does stand up comedy. You also get her on youtube and seems to be a close friend of Celeste Ntuli (comedienne and Sibaya actor). She is the future of comedy. Hope you can get to chat/interview her.

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