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I hope you’ve had a good week. This time of the year is getting to a lot of us, don’t let it! Hole on!!!! It’s almost over.  I was waiting for real spring to starts before telling you guys that I’m working with the wonderful people from Amstel Lite, helping them launch the new Lite beer in SA. And by the looks of the exposed legs that I saw all over Wits and Braam yesterday, Spring is hurr!

My name is Mili I am a beer drinker. When the craft beer craze hit us all in the face 2 years ago, I was one of those then pretentious looking people who would drink Stef Weiss or one of the Darling Brews when I was out, until my trousers and dresses were like ”oh really now”?  I have NO shame in admitting that I still love drinking beer, though not as much because December! Which is why it came as a pleasant surprise when I got a knock knock from the people at Amstel Lite asking if I’d like to work with them on launching their new Lite beer in SA? Lite as in no thigh mkhaba as punishment for enjoying beer.

The Lite beer bug didn’t bite me at all since it became a thing in SA a few years ago, I’m more of a taste girl and the ones that I had tasted didn’t tickle me. But I said, okay let’s first taste the prod and they invited me and a few other people (real celebrities)  from Top Billing. It was so blind. One of the Top Billing guys and I were the first to arrive at dinner.  I didn’t know he was on Top Billing but this good looking kind eyed white guy greeted me and asked me what I do. I told him what I do which usually takes about 5 minutes and then asked him who he was.  He said his name was Jonathan and I thought mmm what a pleasant guy, only to realize he’s a full on celebrity when the others arrived to tell me who he actually was.  Anyway, a good meal, great conversation and 3 beers later, I am happy to announce that Amstel Lite is pretty damn good! As in,  it actually tastes like beer with the miraculous capacity to make me feel like I’ve just had dessert instead of dinner! I’m not a beer connoisseur so I don’t know the correct terminology associated with it but I do have pretty good taste in most things (yes I said it) and this is good beer!

They wanted to give me cases and cases to take home and I reluctantly declined because I know myself. If I had beer cases the size of my coffee table, I would be permanently non compus mentus. Anyway guys, I don’t want to do a regular old giveaway of this product. I would much rather have a little tasting event disguised as something like a movie screening / meet and greet with you guys. Almost Everytime I’m out, one of my readers always comes up to me to shower me with kindness and I can never think of ways to thank you guys enough properly so I am definitely thinking of a little meet and greet, hanging out session with you guys in October. I am also very open to suggestions.  One girl I met yesterday (Buhle) said that she would like to have bi-monthly Saturday sessions with her and her blogger / writer friends and you know what, some older lady that I look up to does the same thing for me so yes, I think we should meet somewhere cool and drink some Amsel Lite on me! And we can also have a conversation about beer, because for some reason, some people out there think that it’s not a girly drink! Suka!

Check out Amstel Lite’s new ad, The Barber, if you haven’t already seen in on your telly or youtube! And next time (like tonight) you’re out to get your weekend supply, try this beer, you’ll probably like it.

Have a fantastic weekend beautiful people!

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