• Name : Milisuthando Bongela
  • Born : 30 April 1985
  • Nationality : South African
  • Height : 1,57
  • Dress Size : 32
  • Shoe Size : 4
  • Aka : Miss Milli & other really fun variations of the Mil section of my name.


Welcome to my blog. I started this blog in February 2010 just before I went to New York to attend New York Fashion Week so that my friends and family could keep track of me. I could have just put that whole trip album on Facebook to be honest but I wanted to test myself and see if I could start a blog because it was the thing back then. Four years later, it’s been my most consistent job and is still a platform on which I share vignettes of my life: all the pretty things and some insights into the life of a contemporary African woman.

In 2014, I believe we are in an era where substance and what comes out of your mind rather than what you are wearing will be more important for the survival of our sanity as a human race. So while fashion and beauty are necessities in urban life, I’m not particularly interested in the seasonal trends of either, but rather fashion and beauty, as well as art, film and literature as mirrors of where we are as a culture. Sounds serious. I’ve been fighting this my whole life but Hi, I’m Mili and ‘’chilled’’ is not the word people use to describe me. So, I will broach the subjects of gender and race representation between pictures of pretty dresses and shoes and always look for stories about the admirable women and men who walk in them. You’ll also find some funny shit from the Internet, profiles on interesting people, reviews of nice things, awesome videos, regular rants, images of life in Joburg and South Africa and anything that is relevant and interesting to me.


I will try my best to upload new stories every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


I have a big Internet mouth and I like to dish out but I also listen when others speak. This is an platform that I would like to open up to you and yours to take ownership of as a space to say stuff. I appreciate any feedback, comments, suggestions and an expression of something on your mind. That’s how I want to run this platform, with as much participation from the readers. Drop me a line me@missmillib.co.za or simply click the like button.


I live in Johannesburg, South Africa


Because things are better enjoyed when they are shared